Can’t lose those extra pounds? You may need a life coach or therapist, not a gym membership.

Did you know that your body does things to protect you when you are stressed, lonely, angry, anxious, scared, etc? If you are carrying around feelings of anxiety, fear, worry, self-doubt and resentment, you may not see a change in your physical body until you start to acknowledge and deal with those issues first. In fact, those issues, when they become toxic, may cause more inflammation and pain over the long term than that bowl of ice cream you ate last night and every night for the last month. Are you eating healthy and exercising but can’t shed those last 5-15 lbs? It may be your stressful job, your rocky marriage, your anxiety, loneliness, your need for intimacy, etc. that’s keeping those extra pounds on. Listen to the chatter in your head. What is it saying? You can be mindful of every bite you put in your mouth, tracking your macros, fasting 12 hours a night, exercising daily, but until you deal with the real root cause, you may not see the scale move or your glow return to the way it was when you were young and carefree.

This is not to say you should eat whatever you want and stop exercising because it’s not doing you any good. It is! Nutrition and exercise is the foundation for health and wellness so keep trying. You are in charge, not your genes. You have to support your physical body to take care of your emotional body. Specifically, taking care of your gut and your liver is critical to feeling well and showing up in your life, for your family, your friends, colleagues, your team, whomever that is. All disease starts in the gut and the liver is your master filter.

So what can I do to support my gut and liver while working on my internal “stuff”? Click here to find out.