How can we help our girls get what they Really want?

Our girls are so self-conscious today under the influence of social media and endless visual stimuli. More than ever, they need positive role models to help them navigate the world and steer them in the right direction. Wouldn’t it be helpful if we could give our girls the tools to help them feel good in their own skin and re-frame their beliefs about not being good enough, rejected or judged? This is the mission of Well Bloomer. Click here to sign-up to get involved in our Call to Action or enroll your girls in wellness workshops.

One thing I have learned on my own path to wellness and feeling more fulfilled is that the foundation for personal growth is our physical health. We can’t grow into our best selves and show up for others if we don’t feel good in our bodies, have low energy or have on-going aches, pains and anxiety. Honoring ourselves and treating our bodies with respect sets us up for living more fully and reaching our goals. This does not mean obsessing over every bite or working out for hours on end to achieve a perfect body. It’s about feeling good in our bodies today and striving for progress, not perfection. Our bodies are the vessels to achieving wellness. By taking care of you, you can take better care of your responsibilities, whether it is your performance as a parent, student, team member, coworker, friend, neighbor, athlete or activist. Every day is a new day to press the reset button and make choices that empower us to live out our dreams.

We know that cutting back on added sugars and empty carbs, eating more fruits and vegetables, exercising, managing stress, getting enough sleep, etc. will set our kids up for success. Easier said than done, right? Trying to convince teens and twenty-somethings to make these lifestyle changes is challenging. They think they are invincible. They have FOMO. They want to fit-in with their friends. They see changing their diet and lifestyle as deprivation. They don’t want to be “that person” who has special dietary requirements and can’t eat the pizza or dessert that their friends are having. Does this sound familiar?

Constant nagging, lecturing, preaching, punishing and depriving our kids does not work long-term. Getting them to understand the “why” and leading them to this aha moment is the key.

I have been there. I am amazed at the transformation my own kids have gone through and how it has influenced their friends too. You know how people notice when you make a positive change in your life and then they ask how you did it? Well, this is the secret sauce. Those moments when people notice a spark in you – they build your confidence and inspire you to take the challenge further. It becomes contagious and other people want to do what you are doing. You feel empowered and the possibilities become endless. At the same time, you are empowering others to make changes. It has a snowball effect.

Does this resonate with you? Do you want support in helping your girls lead healthier lives? Do you think your girls would listen to someone other than you? I totally get it. Click here to get more information on nutrition and wellness programs.