Meet Lynn

Lynn Mazurowski is the Founder of WellBloomer and Certified Health and Wellness Coach with a passion for clean eating, simple living and self-empowerment. Lynn’s mission is to support parents and caregivers on their quest to raise confident and vibrant individuals and mentor young women to learn how to love themselves through nutrition and self-care. 


After being in the trenches with other moms, juggling career and family responsibilities and watching the world change under the influence of the internet and social media, Lynn developed a strong desire to support parents and caregivers on their quest to raise confident and balanced individuals. Knowing so many kids and adults are struggling with anxiety, depression and self-esteem, and hearing about increasing diagnoses of autoimmune conditions, allergies, neurological disorders, pre-diabetes and so much more, Lynn decided to marry her passion for health and wellness with her experience as a mom and concerned community member. As a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2019, Lynn received her certification as a holistic health and wellness coach, gaining knowledge about nutrition and how it impacts the mind, body and spirit. Lynn is happy to use her counseling training coupled with health and wellness education that focuses on mentoring and healing the whole person. 

Lynn is a Chicago native, wife and mother of three teenagers and entrepreneur.  She also owns and operates a private practice as a workplace health, safety and environmental consultant where she helps empower businesses to make their workplaces safer for employees and more environmentally conscious. Lynn values a natural approach to health and life, encouraging others to eat consciously and live authentically.