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Are you dealing with digestive issues, hormone/ period problems, skin flare-ups or anxiety? Have you tried some of the trends you are seeing on social media but not getting long term results? Do you want to improve your health but not sure what advice is good for you?  The struggle is real. You are not alone.  There is a lot of conflicting information out there and many of us weren't given the tools at a young age to eat healthy, manage stress and care for ourselves so that we can thrive as confident, independent women. Now we are getting older and realize we have the power to take charge of our health and live smarter.  No longer should our physical and emotional symptoms remain an acceptable part of womanhood that we “just have to deal with.” Would you like some support from someone who's been through this?


You will learn the latest nutrition information and tips for supporting your emotional well-being and mental focus, through better digestion, reducing inflammation, optimizing nutrients and prioritizing wellness. Your genes are not your destiny and your worries are not your reality. My clients see great results when they tweak their diet and lifestyle, making small changes specific to their individual needs, getting the key nutrients that they need, and addressing the emotional issues related to their relationships, social life, career, etc.  It's time for you to prioritize your own health and wellness so that you can show up for the ones you love and the projects you care about. Click the button below to find out more about my nutrition and life coaching programs.



Individual coaching is an opportunity to get customized one-one-one mentoring in-person or via phone, Zoom, etc. You will receive 12 hours of dedicated time over a 6-month period (2 x 1 hr visits per month) to explore what makes you unique and what steps you can take to live life more healthfully and authentically according to your own nutritional and personal footprint. We will explore your personal diet and lifestyle factors together and I will provide feedback based on my knowledge, training and experiences with other clients. At the end of each session you will commit to trying one or two small things to move yourself forward toward your personal goals.


Group coaching is an opportunity for you to explore various aspects of health and wellness in a group setting of approximately 4-10 women in your age group (ex. teens, college students, 20 somethings,  etc.). During group sessions, members will get to know each other, participate in self-discovery activities and learn about nutrition and wellness as it applies to their age group.  I will provide feedback based on my knowledge, training and experiences with other clients others in the group may provide feedback as well. At the end of each session you will commit to trying one or two small things to move yourself forward toward your personal goals. The power of group coaching is having a tribe of other like-minded women to share experiences with, get positive encouragement and hold each other accountable for the changes they want to make.



Yes, I'm ready! Let's do this!


Who is a Good Fit for Well Bloomer Health and Wellness Coaching?

  • Women aged 15+ who are serious about making healthier lifestyle choices, improve their digestive issues, skin problems, symptoms of anxiety, hormone imbalances, etc. and are looking for guidance.
  • Women who can commit to making small changes over time.
  • Moms who want to set an example for their children and mentor their families to lead healthier lifestyles.
  • Teens and 20-somethings who want to support their bodies with nutrition, improve their performance in school, sports and other extracurricular activities and have more energy.
  • Women who want to discover the root causes of what is holding them back from achieving their goals.
  • Women who see the value of nutrition, movement, sleep, relationships and other lifestyle factors in their achievement of a healthy fulfilling life.
  • Women who see health and wellness as an important investment in their lives.

Who is a NOT a Good Fit for Well Bloomer Health and Wellness Coaching?

  • Women who want a quick fix program for weight loss or instant relief for their symptoms and not willing to make long-term positive changes.
  • Women who are looking for someone else to get them well and not willing to do the work it takes to make changes over time.
  • Women looking for weight loss meal plans or someone to tell them what to eat / not to eat.
  • Teens and 20-somethings who are signed up for coaching by their parents but don’t see the value in it or want to change.

How is this different from meeting with my doctor, specialist or other counselor?

Do you ever get 1 full hour per visit to talk to your doctor about what may be causing your physical or emotional symptoms such as diet or lifestyle factors? I am guessing not. Do you usually get recommendations for your symptoms from your doctor other than medications or surgery? I suspect not too often. While your doctor has the expertise to advise you of various treatments to manage the acute and chronic symptoms you may have, they do not always have time to explore what is causing them in the first place. Also, traditional medical school does not train doctors to recommend preventive diet and lifestyle habits. Health and wellness coaching sessions are opportunities for you to dedicate uninterrupted time on a regular basis for you to talk with your coach openly and unbiased about your physical and emotional concerns, your goals and challenges and discover together ways to improve several aspects of your life at once. As your coach, Lynn will get to know you over the 6-month period and hold your hand through the process of self-discovery and personal development. Think of this as an extension of your doctor visits where you can explore options for improving or eliminating your symptoms that involve changes to your diet, lifestyle and daily habits. Lynn will help you navigate all of the conflicting information out there to find some solutions that work for you. You don’t have to do this alone.

How often do we meet and what is the location?

Once you sign up for a 6-month program, we will meet for 50 minutes twice per month for 6 months at a mutually agreeable location (in-person or on the phone, Skype, etc.). That’s 12 visits over a 6-month period or 10 hours of coaching.

What is included in the cost of a 1:1 6-month program?

  • 12 x 50-minute coaching sessions with Lynn (two sessions per month for six months) in-person or via phone, Zoom, etc.
  • We’ll work together to address your concerns about your health, nutrition, well-being, relationships, stress, etc., and set targets each month that you can reach each month to make the shift that you need in order to see the changes that you want to make.
  • Access to Lynn outside of the coaching sessions via phone or text during the 6-month period for a limited number of last-minute questions or recommendations you might need regarding food, supplements, symptoms, etc.


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